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Moms Make Little Boy Ask Girl’s Dad If He Could Take Her to Homecoming and It’s Just Too Precious

What a brave young man!

Some people might think that chivalry is dead, but as parents, it's up to us to make sure our kids grow up knowing the right way to treat others. Those kinds of lessons can start as early as we want them to, starting with basic manners and working our way up. And then, there are some parents who go totally above and beyond in this department.

Case in point: The little boy in this TikTok video, whose moms made him ask a girl's father for his permission to take his little girl to homecoming. Of course, at this age, it's kind of necessary (it's not like they can drive themselves!) but at the same time, this is teaching him a beautiful lesson of respect. 


In the video, we see this brave little guy say, "My name is Easton, can I take your daughter to homecoming?"

No surprise that the father in question gave him permission (how could he not?) and we got to see Easton approach the girl with balloons, a bag of treats, and a sweet sign asking her the big question. She immediately said yes, and you've got to see the photo of the two of them together at the end of the video!

Commenters applauded these moms' parenting skills after watching this video. 

"The fact that his parents are teaching him to ask and respect her father makes me so happy," one person wrote.

Another said, "The way the girl's parents looked so happy and touched by his sweet little question." 

Way to go, Moms — and way to go, Easton. We hope they have a blast at homecoming!