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Little Boy Spots Homeless Man and Inspires Dad to Give Back

He’s got a big heart

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As adults, we can get so jaded to the reality around us. It's all too easy to walk down the street past a human being who is homeless and suffering and do absolutely nothing. It's way too easy to turn a blind eye and just go on with our day, pretending that we haven't seen anything at all. But kids aren't so jaded. They don't know how to shut out the world around them. When a kid like the one in this video from @_kashmania sees a homeless person, they know something is wrong and somebody needs to do something to help. What's truly inspiring is when they decide they want to help that person. But they need our help to give back. That's why the dad in this video did the exact right thing. 


The look on that little boy's face after he gives the homeless man the money is absolutely beautiful. He's just beaming, bursting with good intentions. Not every parent would have let their child give a homeless person money. It's too easy to rush your little one along, telling them not to look. But it's so important for them to see the truth. Commenters were incredibly inspired across the board.
"he is a hope for our future," wrote one.
"We need to see more of this! Beautiful souls!" wrote another.
 "You said don't cry but I'm balling!! Train up a child in the way they should go and they shall not depart from their ways!" another commenter added. 
Everyone basically agreed: This little boy is being raised the right way, and we need more kids like him in the world. I'm sure this will just be the first of many philanthropic gestures on the part of this lovely little boy.