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Mom Swears By This Homemade Cough Remedy

This might be worth a shot!

Now that fall is in full swing, unfortunately, so is cold and flu season. If you have kids, there's a good chance that a bug has already made its way into your home at least once... and with the winter months ahead of us, the fun isn't over yet. Try as we might to avoid it, somehow, the sniffles always seem to catch up with us.

But one mom on TikTok seems to have a pretty cool remedy for getting rid of coughs, and it's something you can do with items that you probably already have in your house. We never would have guessed this would work! 


This mom cut an orange in half, poked holes all around the inside, and then sprinkled salt inside of it. She covered it with honey and then microwaved it to warm it up. Then she strained the orange to get the juice, and that's supposed to be the cough remedy.

We get why this would work — after all, honey has always been known to soothe a sore or irritated throat. And as this mom wrote in a comment, it worked pretty well for her sick 4 year old son.

"It suppressed the cough quite a bit actually, it’s not completely gone but it did a great job with soothing his throat," she wrote.

Might be worth a try! 

Of course, WeHaveKids suggests consulting with your doctor or pediatrician before trying remedies like this — and getting a sick kiddo who's coughing checked out is always a good idea. 

Sending lots of healthy thoughts to all the parents out there for the flu season ahead. We can do this!