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Child Protection Lawyer Says Homeschooling Can Be an Abuse “Red Flag”

It’s important to consider this possibility.

Plenty of families choose to homeschool their children, and most parents have very valid reasons for making the choice that feels right for them. Like most decisions we make while parenting, there are almost always downsides, and choosing to educate kids from home isn't an exception. Sometimes it means they'll miss out on social interactions they can only get from a traditional school environment, and sometimes, those downsides can take a darker turn we didn't consider before.

One child protection lawyer is taking to TikTok to share why homeschooling is often viewed as a "red flag" during a CPS investigation. It can be a sign that children are being abused in the home, and the video explains why.


She shared that this is because there are "not enough eyes" on the child at home like there would be at school. And while this lawyer isn't discouraging parents from homeschooling their kids, she is trying to share how they can help protect them from this danger. 

"Solve the problem proactively," she said. "Put your homeschooler in music class, dance class, sports — something outside the home." 

Not only does that put more eyes on your child, but it also gives them the chance to. make friends and have more of the kind of enrichment they might be able to get in a more traditional schooling situation.

Unfortunately, homeschooling can keep kids who are abused from getting the help they need from someone outside of their families, but encouraging children to take part in activities outside of the home can help counteract that danger.

You can never be too careful when it comes to children and their safety — it always has to come first.