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Homeschool Mom Shares How Her “Curriculum” Led To Them Getting Their Own Trampoline

Honestly, this is really cool

The cool thing about homeschooling is that you can use real-life scenarios to teach your kids basic lessons, instead of relying on books. Theoretically, with small groups of children, you can come up with really cool projects that teach them through first-hand experience. And kids can be motivated by real-life results. Like the family in @elle_ette's video. As the mom of 7 explains, her homeschooling kids wanted a trampoline. But whereas the average kids would have to save up their allowance and do extra chores around the house (or just beg incessantly), these kids were able to come up with a plan for making the money and actually see it through.


Pretty amazing, right? That's not just any little old patch of tomatoes those kids grew, that is a serious garden...and the produce they grew looked incredible! No wonder their veggie stand was a hit. Those kids must have felt such an amazing sense of accomplishment when they walked into the store with their hard-earned cash and bought that trampoline. Whether homeschooling is your thing or not, you have to admit that's a pretty cool lesson learned.

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