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Granddaughter Gifts Great Grandmom The Best Gift After Learning She Was “Homesick”

A taste of homemade such a huge difference.

Sometimes, it's the little things that mean so much. And as people get older and become more focused on the things that matter, it's sometimes these little things that make all the difference in the world. Take @kalithekreator's great-grandmother. As she explains in this video, her great-grandmother was staying with her family while some renovations were being made to her home, and she was feeling a little low because she was missing home. One thing she missed in particular? Sitting underneath her tree, eating guinep fruit. (Guinep, which is also known as Spanish lime, grows in the tropics and is said to taste like a cross between a sweet lime and a lychee.) The solution was clear to her great-granddaughter...a thoughtful gift was in order. 


How sweet! Her grandmother was so very moved by this gift, and the fact that her great-granddaughter went out of her way to find something that meant so much to her. ("You are my favorite great-granddaughter in the whole world.") Commenters were equally moved (as well as curious about the taste of guinep). "Someone talked about discovering the 6th Love Language: Feeling Known," wrote one commenter. "This feels like I’m watching it." Exactly. 

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