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Mom Lets Son Play Hooky and She Thinks This Proves Why It Was Worth It

He’s a sweetie pie.

Some parents out there are sticklers for attendance at school — staying home if their kids aren't sick just isn't an option — and it's a totally understandable stance to take. But it's also possible to teach children to be punctual and value education while remembering that sometimes, playing hooky is exactly what they need. Who couldn't use a mental health day every once in awhile? 

One mom on TikTok is wise enough to know when playing hooky is a good idea, and the video she shared with her son is so sweet that it has us convinced we should do this ourselves. This is what real quality time looks like! 


In the video, this mom and her son are out to lunch, and she's recording their conversation. At one point, he says, "Are you having a good day with me so far?" which might be the sweetest thing we've ever seen. 

It looks like this kiddo could really use the time with his mom and that it was doing them both some good. "Here is your sign to play hooky and take your kid to lunch and record them for some of it," she wrote in her caption. 

Fellow parents took the opportunity to cheer this mom on in the comments.

"This kid’s emotional intelligence is off the charts. What a special moment!" one commenter wrote, while another added, "Teacher here: PLAY HOOKY, your kids need it, you need it, I support this sooo much." 

This mom has it right. If you're looking for a sign to play hooky with your kids, let this be it!