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Mom Beautifully Breaks Down Why Your Kids Are House Devils But Street Angels

And it’s a very, very good thing,

Every parent has had the experience of picking up their child from school and wondering if they morphed into a monster while they were gone. It might seem like every afternoon is filled with meltdowns and freakouts. You worry that your kid might be acting this way at school, too, then you find out at the first parent teacher conference that your child is the best behaved in the class. What gives?

As @mommacusses explains in this very comforting video, when kids misbehave at home but act like an angel when they're away from you, that's actually a good thing. 


It makes a lot of sense: Kids feel safest at home with you, so that's where they let loose and lose it. But it's so important to realilze that they're not well-behaved for no reason when they go to school or daycare or wherever else, they're well-behaved because you're actually doing a great job raising a good person. Such an important reminder: "As parents we're not raising good children, we're raising good people." The end game is a person who knows how to behave no matter where they are, and you're pretty much halfway there. 

Commenters definitely needed to hear what this mom had to say...
"Yup... home is their safe space."
"Thank you! I needed to hear this."
"needed this- I'm a mama of a gifted star student at school who screams from the time she gets home to the time she's in bed"
"Just means u are doing great at this parenting thing. Home is just their safe place same for us as adults"
"as a family therapist, I tell parents these are "good parenting problems." like 1st world problems, but louder."
"As a preschool teacher I have to explain this to parents a lot! They think they're doing something wrong, and it's the opposite!"
"This is what I tell my students parents! Also, it’s a sign that you’ve created a safe and healthy home environment where you’re child feels safe"

Such an important thing to think about, especially on those discouraging parenting days. See, you're doing an awesome job.