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Husband Inadvertently Teaches Men Why It’s Important to Share the Load of the Housework With Your Partner...

...whether you are the bread winner or not.

We aren't living in 1950 anymore, y'all, and that means that men and women are equals and should be treated that way — both in the world in general and at home. No matter who's working and who's staying home, housework and parenting duties should be shared. Even if the man is the breadwinner, being a stay at home mom is also a full time job. 

One husband proved how important this is in a video he shared on TikTok. Knowing that every day, his wife does her best to make sure the house is clean and dinner is ready when he gets home from work, he decided to beat her home one day and make sure that she got to find out what it's like to come home to a meal and a clean house!


In the video, this man is busy vacuuming the floor, washing dishes, taking the trash out — he even lit a candle! By the end of the video, he was hard at work making sure dinner was ready. We know that his wife must have been so happy to just come home and relax, knowing that all the chores were taken care of.

And of course, this man totally raked in the praise in the comments section. In fact, someone even told him he has "big good husband energy." 

"That's showing love. So sweet," one commenter wrote, while another added, "I know she is SO appreciative. I wish y’all many many years of wedded bliss." 

This husband has definitely earned a pat on the back. This is how it should be — two partners working together to keep their lives running and house happy.