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Mom Warns Parents About Realities of Hoverboards After It Explodes In the House

And they got LUCKY.

Mother’s intuition is no joke. Moms can just sense things when it comes to their kids, and we aren’t talking about just the knacks we have for sniffing out real fevers or just knowing that the toddler has gotten into the toilet paper by the deafening silence. We can even sense it about the people, places, and things that our children interact with.

TiktoK mama Samantha Kelley is counting her lucky stars that she listened to hers, because she make have potentially saved her kids’ lives. Which is pretty impressive considering the “danger” source was something the mama probably hadn’t anticipated. 


The video shows the terrifying aftermath of a hoverboard exploding. The mom explains that she heard it making unusual noises and told her kids to drop it while they were heading outside with it. Luckily they did because the toy, a Hover-1, allegedly exploded and burnt up the mom’s walls. In the comments, the mom further explained that it was only charging for 2 hours, so this particular infraction was pretty jarring. 

Truthfully, this isn’t the first case of a hoverboard exploding. The batteries have been wonky since their inceptions, with reports of explosions dating all the way back to 2016.

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While the mom says that luckily everyone is ok, she said she definitely won’t be letting another one in the house for awhile. 

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