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Woman Captures Exactly What Meeting a Humblebrag Mom is Like

Some moms just have to brag.

For many parents out there, it's just about getting through the day. And when your kids are little? Forget it. Of course, we get excited to see them hit another milestone, match another skill, or say a new word, often sharing the video evidence with friends, family, and social media... but the bragging usually ends there. 

That's not the case for all moms out there, as one TikTok perfectly proves. We all know what it's like to run into a mom who's all about bragging about her kid — and we don't mean to show that she's proud of them. Instead, she seems to have some other goal... and all the while, she's trying to make it sound like she's not bragging at all. Sound familiar?


In the video, a woman plays Humblebrag Mom, going on and on about how her son is in the 100th percentile for height and weight and acting like it's a bad thing because of how much expensive life is becoming with him growing so fast. And then, when she hears the (off-camera) mom she's talking to is dealing with delays, she digs in even harder.

"Jackson's gonna have a huge speech delay. He's gonna be searching for the words, searching for the words, like he won't know what — oh, I'm sorry, because we're raising him bilingual," she bragged.

LOL — yep, we've definitely run into this woman at playgroup before! 

It's okay to brag about your kid, but don't be this mom... especially in the presence of a mom you know is struggling. Moms sticking together is the only way it should be!