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Mom Gets 100% Put Under for Emergency C-Section and Wakes Up to a Sweet Video Her Husband Made

Cue the tears!

It's never easy to bring a baby into the world, but finding out a C-Section is necessary can be really scary, especially when it's an emergency. Not only is the mom-to-be worried about her safety and the safety of her baby, but it also comes with a more difficult recovery period along with other challenges. In most cases, moms are awake in the operating room to see their baby enter the world, but sometimes, a C-Section also means being put under general anesthesia.

When one mom had to be put fully out, she missed the birth of her baby... but her husband, the brand new dad, made sure that she knew how much she is appreciated. 


"I was put 100% under for my emergency C-Section and I woke up to this video my husband made for me... I missed the first three hours of my daughter's life outside the womb but this made it better," the mom explained at the start of the video on TikTok.

Dad filmed himself after their baby, who they named Olivia, was born, and shared a sweet message to his wife, who was still under at the time. Warning: This is a tearjerker.

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With a single tear sliding down his cheek, the new dad (who mentioned that he still hadn't been able to see his baby) said, "I just wanted to say thank you." 

We can't imagine how he must have been feeling in that moment — or how scary it must have been for this little family. Birth is an emotional rollercoaster, but these three have so much love to go around.

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