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Husband’s Idea of “Playing” with Baby Looks a Lot Like Napping

You're not fooling anybody, dude.

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Every parent has their own idea as to what constitutes "playing" with the baby. Some parents are more active participants in their baby's play, reading books and rolling balls back and forth and coming up with sensory play stuff and so on and so forth, while other parents are more...hands off. Sometimes, it all depends on how much energy a parent has at a given moment. 

Like in this video from @ohbabyihadnoidea. "When you ask your husband to play with the baby while you make dinner," wrote the mom. As you can see in the video, the dad might have been a lot more interested in taking a pre-dinner nap, but he tried to get the baby set up with some entertainment. Sort of. 

Hope mom was done reading that magazine! Also, dude, that pillow is NOT for your neck. Thankfully, it seems like mom had a pretty good sense of humor about dad's lackluster baby-watching attempts, because it would be pretty easy to get annoyed in this situation and decide daddy wasn't going to get any of that dinner. 

Commenters totally had this dad's number and hilariously called him out:
"Not him using the boppy as a neck pillow"
"Dad letting baby get that sensory play in yaasss"
"At least he's not on his phone. Lol mine has watched almost all of YouTube already and he's 4mos"
"The one eye peek when he heard the crinkling stop"
"Baby's like 'I like this sound'"
"if this ain't the truth"

Indeed, this is a scenario many a mom is all too familiar with, but you've got to give dad credit for...well, for keeping the baby alive while dinner got made. 

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