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This Husband's Texts to His Postpartum Wife Are Serious Goals

Dads-to-be, this is the standard.

A lot of new dads can be unsure of how to best support their partners in that postpartum time period after coming home from the hospital. After all, newborns can be intimidating for all of us (moms included), and with hormones flying, the situation at home (where it's very likely that no one is getting much rest at all) can easily become a bit... precarious.

But as one wife shared on TikTok, her husband is setting the ultimate standard for how dads should be helping their partners after they give birth, according to the screen shots of text messages she shared. Take notes, dads-to-be!


In a video she titled "Texts my husband has sent me since having a baby," we see that this dad Is setting the bar high. The screenshots include him offering to handle things, reminding her not to worry, and even offering her drinks and food. This man cleans bottles, y'all. He goes to the store to pick up pads. He's the real deal! 

"DON’T YOU DARE SETTLE FOR LESS, FOLKS," Mom wrote in all caps in the caption. 

We have to agree with her on that one. Being a new mom is difficult enough, so it's of the utmost importance to have a partner who is willing to make that time even easier (and to pick up food at a moment's notice).

Well done, Dad!