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Husband's Sweet Video Of Wife Playing With Toddler Should Remind Dads to Get Behind the Camera Too

It's so important

It's kind of a cliche at this point, but there's an unfortunate trend among most family photos and videos: the moms always tend to be behind the camera, documenting the memorable moment and her family making it...and leaving herself out of the picture. It doesn't happen on purpose, necessarily; moms tend to be the ones who are always whipping out their phones to snap pics and record video of anything vaguely interesting or cute that happens with our kids. Some moms don't want to be in the picture, though it's worth trying to overcome the camera-shy thing to be a part of your kid's photographic memories. Other moms, though, just need a little help. The mom in this video from @mikandnick wanted to be in the pic, she just needed somebody behind the camera. So when her husband saw her playing outside with her toddler, he remembered that he should get this moment on video, writing: "Now she can't say I never record her."


So cute! Now they have that adorable moment on film forever, just a mom and her little one enjoying their time together. And the husband has shown his wife how much he appreciates her by preserving the moment. Commenters totally appreciated the effort made by the dad in this situation:
"Good job making an effort once it’s been addressed. Means you’re trying man that’s all that is needed"
"please do this more. Because YOU want to, not just because she asked you to" "What if something happened to either of them? This is a memory they now have they can look back on. That's why it matters to me personally"
"youll never understood how much this will mean to her. she will watch this video in 10 years and cry happy tears."
"I bet she was thinking in that moment 'I wish I had a picture of this' I know I do, please keep taking pictures like this"
The consensus is clear: More pictures of more moms, please!