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Husband Surprises Wife During Labor With a Sweet Video and Her Reaction Is Everything

He’s already dad of the year!

Giving birth is an emotional time (to say the least). Pregnancy hormones notwithstanding, becoming a parent is a big deal, and of course, the act of labor itself can be more than a little scary, especially for a first time mom. But that's also why it's so important to have a good support system in place while making such a big change, to stand by you during all the ups and downs that birth and parenthood can bring.

But this dad-to-be went above and beyond what most people think would qualify someone as a supportive partner. In the most touching footage, one husband surprised his wife with a video to watch while she was in labor at the hospital that we know she'll never forget.


While the mama-to-be was laboring in her hospital bed, her husband presented her with an 18-minute video of her closest friends and family members wishing her luck and pumping her up to give birth. And by the end of it, she wasn’t the only one in tears — so were we!

(Also, can we talk about how good she looks for a mom who's in labor?)

"It was the most perfect way to take my mind off any pain and got me so excited to meet our girl," she wrote.

It's clear that this baby girl has been born into a world where she and her mom are already surrounded by so much love. They're a lucky family!