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Daughter Captures Immigrant Mom’s Reaction to Song She Wrote About Them

Spoiler: There were tears. Many, many tears.

There are a lot of rewarding things about being a parent, and that definitely doesn't stop when they grow up. Seeing your kids explore their passions, figure out who they are going to be, and thrive is enough to make any mom's heart burst. And sometimes, in the process, they'll even end up surprising you with how much you still mean to them, even if they don't "need" you anymore.

This was certainly the case in one TikTok video that a musician daughter shared of a song she had written about her mom's journey as an immigrant. She played the song for her mom in the car, and her reaction was priceless.


She named the song "Prophecies," and it was all about what her mother had sacrificed to give her daughter a better life in another country — and how she managed to pass the childhood dreams she'd had to give up onto her daughter instead. 

And with lyrics like "Everything I do, I do it for you," and "You gave it all up so I don't have to," it's no wonder that both of them were a mess by the end of the song. 

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This video made both moms and daughters alike very emotional, thinking about what it must have meant for them to share this moment.

"This is so beautiful. Have me crying over the lyrics. What a gorgeous heart you have," one commenter wrote.

This is so special, and we know this mom must be so proud of her talented daughter. 

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