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Dad Reminds Parents You Don’t Have to “Entertain” Kids 24/7

They just want you to do this...

Sometimes, being a parent can feel a lot like being a cruise director. Coming up with meals to feed them three times a day plus playing games, doing crafts, and planning outings can be really overwhelming. But if you feel like it's your responsibility to keep your children entertained during all of their waking hours, another perspective might help to take a little bit of that load on your plate. 

A dad on TikTok shared a video that's going viral as an important reminder to all parents. We don't have to entertain our kids 24/7 — we just have to make sure they're included as much as possible. 


Over footage of his little boy helping him wash dishes, this dad shared a PSA that parents don't have to always be entertaining their children if they can find a way to include them in whatever it is they happen to be doing at the time.

"Can we normalize including our kids in household tasks? Our kids are more capable then we think," he wrote in the caption.

It's true — even from a young age, they can help us out... even if, at first, the help they give us might make a little extra work for us. It's worth it if they feel like they're part of the family and contributing... plus, they have to start somewhere.

Besides, a lot of kids think washing dishes is actually a lot of fun. That's something we want them to hold onto forever!