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Mom Shares Trick For Shopping With Independent Toddlers

This is a win-win for everyone.

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There's a very slim window where shopping with a baby is easy and — dare we say it — even fun, but once that window closes, taking a toddler to the store is just about impossible. Don't even think about trying to get them to stay in the cart without begging to get out... and chasing them from aisle to aisle while also grabbing the stuff you need should be an Olympic sport. 

If you're struggling with this part of parenthood, fear not — there's a trick that might help. As one mom shared on TikTok, there's one cheap item you can buy (or that you might have around the house already) that can assist with keeping your toddler nearby: A carabiner.


This mom attached a carabiner to the handle of her stroller, and in the video, we can see her toddler hanging onto it as he walks alongside his mom while still maintaining that independence that is so important to kids his age.

"My toddler thinks he is 'helping' with the stroller or cart and I am able to keep him by me without a fit!" she wrote.

This trick obviously won't work for everyone, but it's definitely worth a shot. We're down with trying anything that makes grocery shopping less stressful for everyone involved (including our fellow shoppers).

Now, we just need a hack that keeps them from throwing every box of cereal into the cart...