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Indigenous Mom Shows the Traditional Way She Swaddles Her Babies and They Look SO Peaceful

Absolutely stunning.

Most parents are familiar with swaddling (whether or not they're actually any good at it... eh). Whether you choose to use a super easy velcro swaddle or wrap your baby up in a muslin blanket like an adorable little present, it's something that many of us do with our newborns... it helps quiet that startle reflex in those early weeks. 

But the way that this is done in different cultures can vary, and in some cases, it's an art form. One indigenous mom on TikTok is sharing the way she wraps her children, and not only is the end result beautiful, but it also made her kids look so peaceful and relaxed. Wow! 


"I'm not going to allow colonialism to get in the way of my wisdom as an indigenous mother," this mom wrote, sharing footage of her children — an infant and an older toddler — wrapped up on cradle boards.

This is absolutely beautiful, and the hundreds of commenters haven't been shy about giving this mom a shout out.

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"I just know that’s beyond comfortable and I will never experience a sleep like that," one person commented, while another added, "Love love love the culture and your babies are gorgeous." 

What a sweet memory to share with her children. Maybe they'll use these same cradle boards for their children someday. 

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