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Indigenous Mom Shares Video Of Beautiful Tradition Family Practices After Losing a Loved One

It’ll make you look at hair completely differently.

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The way people mourn a loved one passing and remember them after death is so different from culture to culture. Some people believe that the right thing to do is to celebrate the dead, while others have specific traditions in place to properly grieve. But this tradition is a truly beautiful one. 

An indigenous mom on TikTok shared the way her family (including her kids) honored their grandfather after he passed away, which they call "walking in the woods." It involved making a major change that would affect them every day, but that just made it all the more meaningful.


The children in the family cut their long hair off in honor of him, snipping off their braids — something that was full their decision, as one of the woman's daughters shared in the comments.

"We got to decide how much we cut off, it just happened to be almost the same amount for all 3 of us. And we decided we wanted to cut it for him," she wrote.

Though the original poster didn't elaborate any further, many native cultures choose to cut their hair when a significant event happens, which may symbolize a new beginning.

What a beautiful way to pay tribute to someone who obviously meant so much to them.