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Indigenous Elder Defends Kids Making Paper Headdresses In School

She sees it as a learning opportunity...

If your child came home from school around Thanksgiving time with a Native American headdress stapled together with construction paper and fake feathers, your first reaction might be to think that it's not very respectful of real Indiginous cultures, that it's a watered-down representation of a people we destroyed. But maybe there's a simpler explanation.. 

In this video from @chipdavis19632, a First Nations grandma from Canada breaks down a mom's video in which she reacts with great offense to the headdress her kid made at school. Her take maybe isn't what you might expect from an Elder, but it makes a lot of sense.


Really interesting. Where she's coming from, these projects actually are honoring her people and her culture with their headdress project. It's their intention she seems to appreciate, and knowing that people might not get it exactly right but they're at least trying seems to be enough for her. 

Commenters thought her take on the issue was a thoughtful one, and found their own perceptions changing. This woman is a symbol of her culture all on her own, so when she speaks, it seems worth listening. She definitely got commenters thinking...
"preach it momma, we are listening, I wish I was taught my heritage I learn from all of you, ty much love"
"I love your attitude! It’s people like you, who show caring, that help bring all people together instead of divide us."
"I found this response really thought-provoking and I appreciate you saying what you said. It’s caused me to reflect upon my own initial reaction. "
"I'm half indigenous. My Granny Mae 94 Lytton BC first nation band agrees. she says no use living in the past and Hating. Use days left enjoying life."
"100% respect. Teach every child the history of all cultures."
"Imagine the joy each child had making their own headdress, and then wearing them proudly."
"my son made a headdress in grade 2. He is now in grade 8 and he still proudly displays the headdress in he room, alongside a dream catcher."

What a wise woman! There's so much to learn from the older generations.