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Mom Thinks Her Infant Daughter Might Be An Adrenaline Junkie and This Video Is Proof

Absolutely not an ounce of fear in that baby’s body.

We already know that a lot of toddlers can be total daredevils — it seems like they're trying to get hurt on purpose, especially if we turn our backs for just a minute. But some of them get started on their adrenaline junkie tendencies a bit early in life... we're talking, in infancy early.

One example is this baby girl, whose adventures her mom shared on TikTok. Despite the fact that most babies this age aren't even walking yet let alone jumping, she's not too young to know that it's fun to dive off of a very tall stack of pillows and into a ball pit below. 

Seriously — this kid has no fear!


Even though the stack of pillows keeps getting higher and higher, this baby girl is totally unbothered. Each time, she jumps right off, uninhibited, and giggling the whole time.

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"You have a little gymnast on your hands. When she starts doing flips sign her up for classes," one person commented. 

Another called her a "professional stunt baby." Yep, we agree! 

We just hope this mama is prepared for the toddler years that are right around the corner. If she's already this fearless as an infant, we can only imagine the kind of trouble she's going to get into when she's a little bit bigger! 

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