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Infant Rocking Her Baby Doll to Sleep Has to Be the Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

They are always watching us.

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To have a small child is basically to hold a mirror up to yourself, because they're constantly following you around, copying your every move. They say the things you say, they make the same gestures and facial expressions, they sigh the way you sigh and laugh the way you laugh. It's to be expected, but that doesn't make it any less hilarious when you find your little one acting just like a grown-up. 

The little one in this video from @secora might just be a baby herself, but she still knows all about rocking babies to sleep. At a rather vigorous pace, as you'll see. The best part, though? The smile and laugh when mom notices what she's doing.

So cute! This is one of those videos you can just watch 800 times in a row without even realizing it because that little squeal is so adorable you need to hear it over and over again. And her dimple! As her mom wrote, "she's either rocking out to the music or rocking the baby...either one is adorable." Fact!

Some commenters with babies decided that now was the time to get their own little ones a baby doll, or planned to in the very near future after seeing this video. (Not this commenter, though: "She's so gentle, meanwhile my bby just yeets hers across the room." Everybody's different!)

It is true, in general, that baby dolls are thought to be healthy for little kids (of both genders, of course!) to play with because they give them an opportunity to practice their nurturing skills. Clearly it works (though this baby doll might have gotten a slightly more rocking rock-to-sleep than she prefers). 

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