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Baby Has Hysterical Reaction To Mom Putting a ‘Slap Bracelet’ On His Wrist

Was that magic?

There are so many beautiful things about becoming a parent, but perhaps one of the best parts is seeing “firsts” through your child’s eyes. Of course this includes a lot of sentimental moments. The first time they taste chocolate or see holiday lights, watching them unfold in real time is pure magic. But that also includes some of the more light hearted things too. 

One mom captures the hysterical moment her infant son worked out how 80s sensation “slap bracelets” actually worked. And truly his reaction was priceless.


In the short clip, you can see the mom holding out a straightened slap bracelet for her son to inspect.  She then pulls a fast-one and slaps it onto his wrist. His little face lights up in confusion and wonder as he lets out a giant coo that will undoubtedly melt a heart or two. 

“Did anyone else see the sorcery that is [sic] this thing on my wrist??!!”  wrote one joking user. 

“That boy was flabbergasted,” confirmed another.

And a good portion of users were swooning over that silly sound he made, jokingly comparing it to a rubber chicken screech.

There really is only one take away from this entire thing: If you were hesitating showing your kids any of your 80s nostalgia toys,… don’t Their reactions will 100% be worth it.