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Infant’s 10-Year-Old Cousin Stuck a Press-On Nail On Baby’s Big Toe and It’s Too Funny

Mom was a little taken aback.

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Raising kids while surrounded by family can be a lot of fun, especially when our kids are still little. After all, they do say it takes a village, don't they? And when plenty of children are involved, their younger years usually result in plenty of funny moments... and that seems to be even more true when the age gap between kids is a big one.

Case in point: This baby, who just got a makeover she did not consent to from her older cousin. Oh, and she was asleep the whole time, so she never even knew it happened.


In the video, a mom explained, "I come in to snuggle my napping baby only to find this gem left by her 10 year old cousin." The camera pans to the sleeping baby's feet, and we can see one very long fake nail plastered to baby's big toe. Ha! 

We really need to know how the cousin managed to apply that nail without waking the baby up, considering that it's hard enough to get things done near a sleeping baby in the first place!

People were so amused by the video (which has already received more than 997k likes) that the mom came back to share a video of baby's full set of fake toenails. Disturbing? A little. But mostly funny! 

At least they're having fun... and there's no doubt this is something they're going to remember forever.