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Mom’s Newborn Photoshoot Highlights Infertility Struggles In a Beautiful Way

So incredibly moving.

For some people, the journey to getting pregnant can be a long and difficult one, especially when fertility treatments come into play. They can be emotionally exhausting, not to mention incredibly expensive — and it can make the path to parenthood a long and dark one. After all, there's a reason they call a baby after loss a rainbow baby. 

But when mamas finally get to meet those babies, something truly magical happens, even though it doesn't negate the struggle they went through in the past. One mom is working to highlight how beautiful it is that her baby has arrived while also acknowledging everything she did to get that child here. 


A photographer shared a video of a shot she was setting up for a newborn shoot with a mom and her baby. The mom wore a gorgeous purple gown as she cradled her newborn, and needles that had been used for her IVF treatments surrounded her. Seeing how many there were really makes it hit home what she went through in order to become a mom.

"The reality behind infertility... SO MANY women struggle with infertility issues and it is one of the hardest things anyone could go through..." the photographer wrote.

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Later in the video, she went on to say that though photos like these generally just include the baby, she wanted to include the mom — it was her and her sacrifice that made it happen.

Is there anything moms can't do? This baby has one strong mama — and a gorgeous photo shoot to prove it.

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