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Woman Takes “Inner Child” Out to Lunch and Swears It Helped Heal Her

This is important work to do.

It's so important to take care of your mental health as a parent in order to break the cycles so you don't pass them on to your own kids. But finding the time and energy to do so can be really hard when you're also trying to raise children and keep the rest of your life together. Still, healing your inner child can be so rewarding, and you can work toward that goal in small ways, one piece at a time.

This video on TikTok that's going viral is a perfect example of that. A woman shared how she took her "inner child" to work, and this seems like something so many of us could truly benefit from doing ourselves.


In response to a video about how meditation can be used to help soothe your inner child, this woman shared a story about something she tried to help ease her anxiety and panic attacks. Since she felt like the root of her anxiety was childhood trauma, she decided to take herself to McDonalds, which was seen as a luxury when she was a kid. 

After getting a Happy Meal, she went to the playground of the elementary school she used to go to and ate her food in the parking lot and talked to her younger self out loud.

"I told her that she was safe, and that I appreciate that she's bringing things to my attention, but we're safe now. The things that happened to us at this point aren't part of my identity, we can move on, and we can be happy for ourselves now," she said.

Though she admitted it felt "weird," she ended up crying and had to get it all out... and since then, her anxiety "isn't a thing" anymore.

It might sound weird, but this sounds like something so many of us can benefit from. Our inner child is in there — and they deserve to know they're safe.