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Internet Rallies Behind Mom Who Posted Heartfelt Plea After Learning Her Son Didn’t Have Any Friends to Come to His Birthday

He has ADHD and is on the spectrum, so making friends can be tough.

Every now and then, you hear a story that renews your faith in humanity. It might not happen often, but when it does, it's so meaningful. This is one of those stories, for sure. 

In a super inspiring video, @stephhodges1994 explains how her eldest son asked for a birthday party with lots of people. But because he's on the spectrum, he has a hard time making friends, and there weren't really any kids she could count on to come to the party. So she decided to make his birthday extra special by finding some of the special things he likes to collect, and posted on a community page for help...but she got so much more than she expected. 


Aww. People sure can surprise you sometimes. Thanks to the kindness of some strangers on social media, this little boy can now have the birthday party he dreamed about. It's so inspiring. There really is a sense of community among parents, or there should be, ideally. 

Commenters thought this story was so beautiful.
"this is why I push my kids to play with everyone and not let anyone feel left out (unless said child says no) and we go to every birthday party"
"This make me tear up as someone who grew up with not many friends and was scared to have a party coz no one would come this is so beautiful"
"This is so lovely! My son has the same struggle at school. He also has ASD and ADHD. I’m so glad he had an amazing birthday!"
"No kid should spend their birthday alone, good on you for thinking outside the box"
"I’m so sorry that the teacher has not made sure to help him to make friends. What a beautiful boy"
"My son and I made friends with another mom and kiddo once when she posted seeking birthday guests! One of my favorite friendship stories lol"

There are so many ways to make friends, and so many ways for our kids to have a birthday that's perfect for them. Here's hoping this boy has the best birthday ever.