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Sister Convinces Little Brother She Turned Him “Invisible” And It Escalates Quickly

That little boy is convinced he’s totally undetectable.

As stressful as it can be when our children don't have a peaceful sibling relationship (TBH, this is sometimes every day when they're little) we just have to laugh when we see older siblings acting like older siblings. After all, it wouldn't be right if there wasn't any teasing going on!

This TikTok video offers a prime example of sibling teasing that will end up being a story the family tells for years to come. In this clip that one family shared on the app, a big sister is convincing her little brother that he's actually invisible, and it actually worked — this poor kiddo. 

We just hope this didn't traumatize him too much in the moment...


In the video, what appears to be two big sisters are talking to each other and looking for their little brother Mateo. Even though he is (obviously) standing right in front of them, screaming, "I'm right here!"  they're pretending they can't see him. These two are truly committed to the bit!

And then, in what we can only describe as a stroke of genius, they ask him to sit on the couch if he can hear them and they'll take a picture of him. After he follows their directions, that's when one of the girls pulls up a picture of the couch, totally empty, on the phone. Too good. 

Hopefully, they let Mateo "come back" soon after this video was filmed. This is something he's going to hold over their heads forever!