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Mom Shares Ring Camera Footage of Daughter With ADHD Cleaning at 7 AM

And she claimed that the “elves” did all the work.

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Living with ADHD can certainly be challenging, no matter how old you are. If you're a parent with a child who has received this diagnosis, you know that can be a totally different challenge in itself. And though there will certainly be some obstacles they'll need to overcome, there are also some positive qualities that stem from the way their brains work as well.

Case in point: The need to clean, which certainly seems to have found this little girl on TikTok! Her mom shared a video from their security camera of her cleaning their entire kitchen at 7 am while everyone was still asleep... talk about productive! 

Narrating the video, Mom pointed out different things that she was doing that reminded her of her own neurodivergent behaviors, like moving the paper towels only to realize that's not where they go and putting them back. She also did her "happy hands," which is a gesture she makes when she's really "in the zone," so it's not like she was doing chores — she was doing something she wanted to be doing! 

Later, when the time came to make the big reveal for her parents, she put on a Taylor Swift song (her favorite) and led her Mom out to the kitchen with her eyes closed... and of course, even though she'd been watching her on the Ring camera the whole time, she faked being shocked by the clean kitchen.

Her daughter said that "elves" did it, not her, but knowing the truth, Mom is now seeking Taylor Swift tickets to reward her awesome daughter. 

Not many kids we know would get up early to clean, but it seems to make this little one happy, and we love that she has a mom that supports her in being her true self.