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7-Year-Old Proves He Has Major Drawing Skills With This Amazing “Wednesday” Inspired Piece

If he is this good now, just wait until a few years from now.

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For some people, figuring out what they're good at in life is a long journey, filled with both failures and successes that shape a person's talents. Other people, however, are pretty much born with obvious gifts that they display early on in life. Talents that take parents and teachers by surprise, sometimes putting kids on advanced tracks to develop specific skills.

In this video from @laquistaerinna, we meet a 7-year-old boy who's just tried to dry Thing from "Wednesday" for the first time. Except that his results are a hundred times better than what most adults could do. No big deal.

Pretty amazing, right? This boy has an incredible gift, and as a child with autism, it might even help him to communicate with and experience the world around him. This talent could be an incredibly meaningful part of this boy's life, continuing throughout his adulthood. 

Comments were just one astonished person after another trying to comprehend how a 7-year-old can draw hands better than the average adult. 
"bros gonna be an art god when he's older"
"That's a prodigy in the works"
"This kiddo just amazes me! I can't draw hands to save my life"
"Absolutely awesome, incredible attention to detail"
"better than I could ever do"

It's true, hands are typically one of the trickiest things to actually draw realistically. The fact that this kid figured it out so young is a pretty big deal!

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