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Mom Encourages Daughter to Do Dangerous Climbing and 4 Years Later She’s Still a Climbing Queen

My anxiety could never...

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As parents, we want our kids to have fun, but at the same time, safety is the priority. It's totally inevitable that, many times throughout their lives, our kids are going to grow up, especially if they end up having more rough-and-tumble personalities. It's one of the many reasons parents have their own sets of rules about what their kids are and aren't allowed to do while playing. 

But one mom on TikTok is trying things a little differently, and while her method might be a little out there for a lot of parents, it certainly seems to be working... for her kid, at least. She's never tried to keep her from playing in ways that some parents might view as dangerous, and now, her kid is a total pro when it comes to climbing. 

Sharing clips of her daughter, Isla, she said that around her first birthday, she started to show a real interest in climbing — cue footage of her scaling a dresser in her bedroom like it's nothing — and she didn't want to stifle that. Though she was getting into what could lead to a dangerous situation if she fell, Mom decided to foster her love of climbing by taking her to playgrounds where she could practice.

Before long, she was climbing tall ladders, rock walls, and more, and while Mom said that she stayed nearby in case she needed her, over time, Isla learned her own boundaries and found confidence as well. Now, she's turning four, and it looks like there's nothing this fearless queen can't do. 

Plenty of people applauded this little lady (and her mama) in the comments, with one person calling Isla "a future gymnastics Olympic champion." 

If this is how far she's come at just four years old, there's no limit to what she can do. This mom's approach isn't for everyone, but it certainly seems to have served her daughter well.