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This Kid's Attempt at Being Independent in the Kitchen Led to a Major Cooking Fail

At least she tried?

A big part of navigating parenthood as our kids get older is figuring out how and when to give them a little more independence. After all, most of us are used to doing almost everything for them, but eventually, they can handle a little more responsibility — and that includes learning how to cook their own snacks.

However, part of the learning process is making mistakes... and some mistakes are definitely worse than others, especially the ones that involve the oven. One mom learned this the hard way when she discovered a major cooking fail committed by her child and shared what happened on TikTok — this is a bit brutal! 


In the case of this video, an 8 year old was making fish sticks in the oven. She remembered to separate the fish sticks and put foil down... but her key mistake was cooking the fish sticks on a plastic tray instead of a metal cookie sheet. Oh no! 

Seeing what happened to the melted plastic in the oven... yeah, we're cringing at this. 

Fortunately, Mom explained in the comments that the plastic came out in one piece after it was cooled, and it sounds like she kept a good sense of humor about the whole thing. They'll be telling this story for years!

Knowing something might go wrong isn't a reason not to teach our kids how to be independent... but being prepared for it can help! Fortunately, it looks like everything turned out okay in the end (even if it did create a big mess in the oven).