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Little Girl Finds Mom’s ‘Adult Toy’ In Her Drawer and Mom Handles It Like a Pro

Mom handled that so well.

You might be a mom, but you’re still a person. There’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to having a healthy sex life with your partner (or yourself). Adult toys are a perfectly normal part of said healthy sex life, and it is 100% ok to use and have them even if you have kids. That being said, we aren’t always exactly keen on cluing them into our toy usage.

But when you have a nosy kid who doesn’t totally respect boundaries (aka every kid in the world) sometimes you are faced with them finding it, and having to explain yourself. 


“Mommy, what are these,” a little girl innocently asks as she holds up what is veru obviously a sex toy. The mom simply  asks her to put them back, but the little girl insists they look like “Santa Claus’ jingle bells” which the mom ends up rolling with and again just gently asks her to put it back, all the while we are sure dying inside, 

“She definitely told her teacher that mummy had Santa’s jingle bells in her drawer,” joked a user.

Other mom’s shared their horror stories too.

“My son and his friend were sword fighting with mine I nearly died,” wrote another. 

Honestly we applaud this mom or keeping it together. We know we would have been cracking up.