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If You Want a Kid-Free Dinner Without Paying a Sitter, This ‘Hack’ Is Genius

They may be onto something there...

As much as we adore our kids, the fact of the matter is that going out to eat with them is kind of a nightmare sometimes (especially when they're too young to really understand the joy of a meal out). The crayons and coloring get real old for them real fast, and we usually just end up eating as fast as we can so we can leave before things really hit the fan.

But thanks to a very genius set of parents on TikTok, we've finally found the dinner hack we've needed all these years. Now that we know how simple this is... why didn't more parents start doing this sooner?! 


As this mom and dad explained in their video, all you have to do is make sure you're eating dinner where your kids' grandparents are eating dinner. Boom — peace acquired! 

"Parenting hack: track your parents to see where they're eating dinner so you can have a kid-free dinner!" they shared in the video along with footage of their kids realizing that Grandma and Grandpa are at the restaurant too and using them as human jungle gyms. Meanwhile, their parents get to relax and eat their dinner. This is genius! 

(And before you ask, yes, the majority of the comments are about how young these grandparents look... seriously, can they share their drinks from the fountain of youth with us?)

Next time we go out to eat, we're definitely timing it with Grandma and Grandpa's schedule. Surely, they won't mind...