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Toddler Falls In Love With Creepiest Halloween Decoration and We Can’t Stop Laughing

To each her own we suppose.

As our babies turn into toddlers, some of them end up developing some pretty... specific interests. It's wild to see what they end up being into, because kids can latch onto some strange things. It could be a random toy they picked out while waiting to check out at Target, and in some cases, it could also be something a little creepy.

As one mom shared on TikTok, her daughter ended up becoming obsessed with a Halloween decoration at the store to the point that, even though they didn't buy it, she continued to quote it for days to come. Watch the video to find out what the decoration was — this is actually hilarious and horrifying all at the same time.


Yep, that's a haunted doll saying "do you want to play with me?" She's giving off all the Annabelle vibes, but being that we doubt this little one has much experience with horror movies, she likely just sees her as an unusual baby doll who talks, so we get the appeal. Would we want this doll in our house? No, but sometimes, we have to let our kids follow their (spooky) hearts.

The best part of the video might be when she rocked her right there in Big Lots... and we can't handle how lovingly she's looking at her when she and the doll made it back to the car together after they checked out. 

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There's no denying that, as creepy as this is, buying the doll did make her really happy... but maybe her mom should sleep with one eye often from now on just to be safe. 

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