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Parents Are Loving This Mom’s Reaction To Kid Discovering the Klippers

That is quite a haircut they gave themselves!

It's practically a rite of passage for kids to cut their hair without their parents' permission — we've all done it, and we've all had to deal with our kids doing it (and if we haven't, we will someday). There's something about scissors and hair that kids just can't resist. And the end result? Well, um, it's usually not great. 

And yes, scissors are bad enough, but nothing really compares to when our kids get a hold of the clippers. One mom took to TikTok to share what happened when her son gave himself a haircut, and it's... a lot to take in. 


From the video, it looks like this isn't her son's first haircutting rodeo. He started out by giving his little sister bangs, and now that he's taken the clippers to himself... well, he practically ended up with a buzzcut. Nothing compares to when he shows off the back of his head— are we bad people for laughing? 

"Kip has moved on from scissors to clippers," the mom says in the video. "Kip, come get in the video." 

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We will never get over how satisfied Kip looks with his handiwork, even if his mom doesn't seem to feel the same way! 

Some people in the comments tried to help Mom see the bright side. "Well, should be cooler for the summer," one person wrote, while another added, "Did you laugh or cry first??? I remember those moments too well." 

It happens to most parents, and this mom definitely isn't alone. At least Kip likes his new haircut?

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