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Dad Shares How to End a Cranky Kid's Mood By Following Their 'Love Language'

Not gonna lie, this would work on us too.

Parents have different ways of trying to end their kids' bad moods and tantrums. Some know that when they're moody, they need a nap, or to go outside, or maybe to be left alone with their toys in their room for a bit of a time out. All kids are different, and so are all parents. It takes trial and error to figure this stuff out! 

But there's one dad out there who's doing things a bit differently, and we can't help but think he's cracked the real "love language" of kids by finding out what works for his. (And to be totally honest, this hack would work on most adults, too.)


So what's this dad's big hack? It's pretty simple: Gas station snacks.

He films his kids happily eating their snacks in the back seat of the car, explaining that he's discovered the most helpful trick. "All children have the same love language, and that is a snack from the gas station." 

He's not wrong! The gas station includes basically every snack food and candy you can dream of, plus a huge variety of drinks, bottled, frozen, or otherwise. Who wouldn't feel better after picking out exactly what they want and chowing down? 

This hack is going to be especially helpful when the situation gets dicey on road trips, and many parents commented to let him know how well it really does work.

"My son’s is a drink. From ANYWHERE. He just wants me to bring him home a drink, take him for a drink… even if we HAVE drinks," one mom wrote.

That's easy (and relatively cheap) enough. We're trying this next time!