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Toddler Sleeps Through Entire Flight Thanks to Mom’s Genius Hacks

Flying with kids doesn't have to be torture.

Traveling with young children can be very intimidating — especially for those of us who have never done it before. The thought of packing everything up and taking a long road trip or flight with a toddler doesn't sound like much fun at all. The word "vacation" truly does take on a whole new meaning after kids.

But there's no guarantee that flying with little kids has to be a miserable experience for everyone involved. In fact, one mom on TikTok is sharing her travel hack to make flying with a toddler a lot more pleasant, and based on the way her trip turned out, we're definitely taking notes. 


First of all, this mom purchased a carry-on that converts to a toddler bed, which means her child's sleep wasn't interrupted (that part is key). It's so cool how it just unfolds to be a comfy bed, right there in the seat. Do they make these for adults?! 

When she was awake, the little girl had plenty of room to spread out and play with her tablet, and meanwhile, her parents got to enjoy a stress-free flight (and a well rested child once they made it to their destination). Yep, this is worth investing in if you have a long trip coming up! 

Mom did point out that not all airlines will allow this type of bed, so if you decide to buy, check with the airline you'll be flying with first. Otherwise, this is an ideal solution for kids who refuse to sleep on planes! 

This is a major game changer.