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Mom Captures the 'Pure Joy' On Baby's Face After He Tastes Dr. Pepper For the First Time

We get it kid...

The absolute best part of parenthood is getting to re-experience the joy of "firsts." Watching your child take their first steps or say their first word is one of the best feelings you could ever have. There is something about their innocence and unadulterated joy that makes you wish you could just bottle that energy. 

The only thing that makes those moments sweeter is when you happen to catch them on camera. One mom was out to lunch with her infant who seems to just be starting solids, and gave the baby the tiniest droplet of Dr. Pepper. And the reaction was simply darling


Can you even handle the cuteness? The way that sweet kid squealed with joy is enough to turn any bad day into a good one.

Typically when moms post videos of "controversial" things like this, there is an army of parents ready to scold via keyboard. However, this video garnered nothing but sweetness practically as everyone reveled in this kid's simple joy.

"Same little one. Same," vibes one user.

I"'m 33 and get the same reaction every time," comments another.

While of course a few folks showed up to shame the mom, the truth is this was pretty much harmless. As long as mom doesn't replace his nighttime bottle of milk with a fizzy can of Dr. Pepper, we think he'll survive this young-age exposure. 

We hope we get to see you try a bunch of great stuff little dude!