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This Mom Came Up With a Genius Solution for Taking Kids Shopping

The amount of meltdowns this will save you...

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Sometimes, running errands with children is absolutely not the vibe. And if you have kids who have meltdowns every time you take them into a store, it can be a nightmare to think about bringing them along to somewhere like Target that has an extensive toy department. They want everything... and some kids are definitely better at hearing the word "no" than others.

It's not always possible to run these kinds of errands without the kids, and as parents, not only are the meltdowns stressful, but we also want to be able to raise kids who can be chill while shopping. If even the thought about running into Target with your child is raising your blood pressure, this tip from a mom who's been there might help. 

It's basically inevitable that your child is going to pick up toys that are interesting to them and even ask if you can buy them, so the trick is not to keep that from happening, but to handle it in a drama-free way. As this mom on TikTok explained, when her children pick up something they want, she asks them if they want to add it to their wish list, and takes a photo of the child holding the item. 

The kids seem to make peace with the fact that Mom might come back and buy the toy for them someday and have an easier time moving on without a tantrum. That in itself would be awesome enough, but this can also be really helpful when birthdays or holidays like Christmas roll around. Right there in your camera roll, you have a log of ever toy your child has ever wanted to get at the store — an automatic wish list! 

"My kids do still ask for things in the store from time to time, but honestly, their first response is generally, 'hey Mom, can I add this to my wish list'?" she said.

Sheer genius. We need to try this out!