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Husband Pranks Kids by Being Mean to Wife to Get Their Reactions and They All Passed the Vibe Check

They clearly love their mama!

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Many parents try to make it a point to avoid fighting with each other in front of their kids — after all, whatever challenges they might have hit in their relationship aren't their kids' problem. And if we want to teach these tiny humans kindness, modeling it ourselves is one of the best ways to do that. But we're all human, and we've all at least been snarky to our partner in front of the kids before. 

When that happens, you might have been surprised by the way your child immediately jumped to that parent's defense, just like what happened in this TikTok video. A husband pretended to be mean to his wife to see what his kids would do, and none of them were about to let Dad get away with it. 

They started with their youngest child, who approached Dad with a toy gun at the first sign of trouble — he's not messing around! Then, it was their older daughter's turn. When she heard Dad refuse to help Mom, saying that he was busy, she ran into the room, saying, "Baba, that's not nice." 

Their firstborn son, an older teenager, was next. Even though he was clearly doing something else in the kitchen while their prank conversation played out for a third time, he overheard what his dad said and not only told him to "watch your mouth" — which he looked sheepish about, when he realized that he probably shouldn't talk to his dad that way — but also volunteered to help her himself. That's real love! 

"Dad seemed shocked but proud with firstborn's response," one commenter admitted.

These kids were definitely raised right. No one messes with mama in this house! 

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