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Stranger Gives Sisters a Scary Life Lesson After He Easily Convinces Them To Get In His Car

They didn’t even hesitate.

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From the time they are toddlers, we constantly tell our kids to be careful. The dangers at first are simple things like not putting small beads up their noses or eating the dog food off the floor and they grow in severity as they get older. in particular, we often stress to kids how important it is that they never, ever go off with a stranger. No matter what they say to entice or convince them, we tell them to always check with us first before they go off with anyone. 

They roll their eyes and shrug, not really thinking they’ll ever be in danger of doing “something like that.” And all we can do is pray so of it sunk in. But the reality is, it might not have at all, and your kids could be in ever-present immediate danger if they don’t know how to handle those situations. One man, Silviu Gill, who happens to be a dad himself, is dedicated to making sure that message really sinks in for kids. He often teams up with parents to do “social experiments’ to see how their kids may react. And the results? Honestly terrifying


These two little girls, who are sisters, easily hopped into this complete stranger’s car after he told them that their mom sent him. It’s only after the car is moving and the girls are far away from their school that he reveals to them that their mom didn’t send him. Though their faces are blurred, you can tell panic immediately set in because the girl in the front seat automatically unbuckled her seatbelt. He then went on to explain to them who is is and what he does, and reiterated that they needed to be more aware of their surroundings.

“I felt for the girls, they got scared,” wrote one reader.

“My heart dropped when those two girls got in car no questions asked,” another noted

It is imperative that we teach standard safety practices to our kids but more importantly, make sure they are sinking in.