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Mom Lists Things Kids Have Already Broken In Their Brand New House and It's Super Relatable


This is why we can't get nice things, people. As mom @sarahhahn23 explains in this video, she and her family have just moved into a new home. Just weeks ago! Everything should still be in brand new shape, right? Except of course not, because this is a mother with kids we're talking about, so you know that her house has been getting essentially attacked on a daily basis. As proof, @sarahhahn23 takes us on a tour of her slightly broken home, showing viewers how slowly, these kids will ruin this house. 


Sure, it's just a broken oven, a busted toilet paper holder, a smashed doorstopper, some loose knobs, and a lock that's been completely torn from the door...small stuff now. But it all adds up. And can't this poor mom just enjoy her new house with nothing broken in it for more than five minutes? Maybe she can make these teachable moments and school her kids in the art of home repairs, but chances are they might be too young to do the job right. Maybe it'll be good practice for saying sorry. Which means it's up to the parents to play fix-it. Interestingly, some commenters were quick to point out that not everything should be so easy to break. In other words, it might not be all the kids' fault. 
"Looks like the contractors fault more than the kids," wrote one commenter. "But, I get it. My furniture is trashed thanks to kids and animals."
"honestly, children should do inspections of new homes lol they'll find everything not done properly," wrote another. 
Sound points, honestly. Hopefully, a house is built strong enough to withstand the potential damage incurred by an active toddler or two. In the meantime, a hot glue gun works wonders.