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Kids React to Dad Shaving off Beard He’s Had Forever And It Is Hysterical

The look of total shock is just too funny.

No matter how old we are, most of us have a picture of our parents in our heads that usually doesn't change, even when they do. So that means that when Mom or Dad changes something big about their appearance, it kind of rocks our worlds... and yes, we'd definitely count shaving facial hair as one of those big changes! That doesn't mean that parents should never change, of course, but they should expect their kids to have some feelings to work through about it. 

One dad threw his kids for quite a loop when he changed up his entire look by shaving off his facial hair... and seeing the way the two of them responded in the video he shared on TikTok is making us think they really, really loved that beard.


In the video, Dad is sitting in a room, waiting with a fresh face so he can make the big reveal. First comes his daughter, who is so shocked she actually turns around and leaves the room simply after shrieking at her dad's bare face. 

But the reaction that really got us was when his son, a toddler named Riley, entered the room. He saw Dad and immediately bolted into Mom's arms. He didn't know what to do with himself at first, but he came around... and even asked his dad if he would get to have a beard of his own when he gets older. Too sweet!

We're glad to know that Riley is coping well with the situation. Dad might be beardless now, but he's the same guy he always was.