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Watching These Twin Toddlers Dance To ‘Get Low’ Is Cracking Millennial Moms Up

They have good taste...

As millennial parents it is our duty to pass on the important stuff. While getting in touch with your feelings is a great lesson and all, we are talking about schooling these kids in the classics. We’re talking old school cartoons like the Animaniacs, and classic toys like SkyDancers. But perhaps the most valuable thing we can teach them is how to get down with our music. Our generation got a little flavoring of everything, from soulful R&B, fun boy bands, and of course rap.

One mama to twins can definitely pat herself on the back as her little ones are obsessed with Lil Jon’s Get Low, so much so, they request it by name to dance to. And mom is happy to oblige! Watch what happens when she asks Alexa to play the “clean” version...


Those little dudes know how to get low for real. We love how they immediately got in formation and dropped it with the beat. It was just too cute to see how exacted they got dancing to such an out of context song for toddlers.

Of course, people on TikTok were obsessed with their sick dance moves. 

“Alexa, don’t play the clean version of Get Low,” wrote one follower. “I need to hear these babies sing the OG.”

“I mean…this is basically what I looked like in college,” admitted a fellow millennial.

I mean, didn’t we all? These twins are living their best life with fabulous taste in music. We hope we can see them bust a move to another early aughts classic soon!