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Mom's List of Everything That Isn't as Fun With Kids as She Thought It'd Be is Too Real

A toddler can be a real mood killer.

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Remember that time before you had kids, when you were young and innocent and had no idea how difficult it would be to get them and you out of the house in one piece, let alone do fun activities together? Back then, you were so full of optimism, so full of joy... and then, your kids were born and shattered all the hopes you had in one fell swoop.

Okay, so maybe that's a little dramatic — life is still plenty of fun with kids (and sometimes, even more fun with kids), but our adventures just take a bit more planning and prep work. But as one mom hilariously pointed out on TikTok, the list of things that are a lot more complicated these days is a very long one.


The mom started out her video with the caption "Things I thought would be so much fun as a parent, but actually aren't at all." On her list includes activities like vacations, going out to eat, and grocery shopping — yep, all three of those can turn into nightmare situations real quick.

Plenty of parents were ready to commiserate in the comments. "Nothing more stressful than a family fun vacation!" one fellow parent said. That pretty much nails it! 

The good news? All of these things become a lot more fun and less stressful as the kids get older (or so we've been told). Hang in there, mama — it won't be like this forever!