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Kindergarten Teacher Tells Students She Got Engaged and Her Reaction Is So Sweet

They are the cutest.

Sometimes, it's hard for little kids to imagine that their teachers have a private life outside of school. (It's not unheard of for kids to think that their teachers actually live at school.) So when students have an interest in a teacher's outside life, it can be pretty cute. Take this video from kindergarten teacher @calliehasko. She has some big news for her class...but she's not going to tell them outright. She's going to ask them some questions first. 


Once she gave them that "down on one knee" hint it was all over. They were so genuinely excited for her! "YAY!" You just know they're going to be asking her questions all year about the wedding and what's going to happen after she gets married. They were pretty interested in hearing about that name change! How fascinating the whole process of marriage can be to a little kid. 

Commenters thought the whole thing was adorable, of course, but they were also particularly impressed with this teacher's skills and the way she shared her news with the class:
"your level of patience and calmness yet genuine enthusiasm is next level. keep doin the amazing work. you will be the teacher they all remember"
"I remember feeling so excited and special when a teacher would share big life moments with the class my inner child loves how excited u are to share"
"The little one in the background “You brought it to school” haha so excited you brought it to show them."
"stop you seem like the sweetest teacher oh my gosh"
"I love love love the idea of allowing students to call a significant other Mr/Ms first name. It’s adorable and allows them a little bit of your life!!"

This teacher is definitely doing her job right. Congratulations to the bride-to-be and all her enthusiastic students!

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