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The First Few Minutes of a Kindergarten Teacher's Day Are Bananas

How does she do it?

You know all that energy a kindergartener has first thing in the morning? And then you drop them off at school and it's their teacher's problem to deal with. Except another 20 or so parents are dropping their very energetic kindergarteners off, too, so how exactly is a kindergarten teacher supposed to deal with all that raw little kid energy coming right at them?

Basically, a teacher is supposed to do exactly what @meetmissalina does in this hilarious video, in which she basically fields questions and comments left and right. They come at her like arrows, but she's still standing! She's answering every question, giving every kid attention, and it's pretty remarkable to see. 


How does she manage to keep her head on straight? Kids just want to tell their teachers every single thing that pops into their heads, the second it pops in there. And they can't wait. Also, they want an acknowledgement. They need to know she's listening and her opinion on the subject and a million other things, and she's just trying to get in the classroom door. But somehow, she manages to pay attention to all of the kids and respond to them with grace. 

Commenters were so impressed with this teacher's skills...
"They’ve been waiting to tell you all of this since the last time they saw you"
"God bless you!! As a high school teacher, I know I would be done by lunch"
"I love how you manage to acknowledge every single one of them you little sweetheart"
"As a prek teacher this is very accurate! The questions and stories are never ending throughout the day! Hahah love it though"
"As a mom.. let me tell you they are planning on what to tell you in the entire car ride to school! Lol"
"“ok… i love soda!” hahaaa love it"
"Not even a good morning…. Just the morning news"

It just proves how important teachers are to little kids, and how much they look up to them. Just a kind word from a teacher can change a kid's world.